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2015-08-13 14:03:17 by KoppoKoppo

So yesterday at captain's practice for soccer I got a migraine... I still have a headache today... ;n;

School soon ;n;

2015-08-11 15:06:20 by KoppoKoppo

I start school on August 31st, but I start soccer on August 17th. And I have a class with a teacher I don't like. I like the class, which is Graphic Design, but the teacher is really, REALLY strict. She triggered a few panic attacks in her class and it wasn't pleasent. 
Like this one time I wanted to ask how to do this thing for the project we were doing because I was gone the class where she taught us. BUT SHE CLAIMS I WAS THERE AND I WASNT BECAUSE I WAS SICK. She mocked my art style in front of the whole class and made me feel like complete shit. After class, the popular kids, who barely talk to me or even give a shit about me, asked if I was doing alright. You could just tell how bad that was when the popular kids have to ask if I was ok. So now I'm afraid she is going to yell at me in her class. ;n;

Life is strange

2015-08-10 17:13:45 by KoppoKoppo

No, not the game. Real life. It's just so weird to think how you can affect so many peoples' lives. Like how Markiplier can, and I look up to him for that. I want make the change I wish to see in the world... Is that too much to ask for>

Valleyfair today

2015-08-09 11:23:11 by KoppoKoppo

So I'm going to Valleyfair (or as my friends and I call it, Vall-l-eyfair, school spelt it with 3 L's on a permission slip and we still mock it to this day). And I am actually tall enough to go on SteelVenom (FINALLY). 
Oh god please help me ;U;


2015-08-08 19:06:43 by KoppoKoppo

So I found out this guy I liked has a bit of a crush on me... Someone pinch me, I can't tell if I'm dreaming or if this is real life. =3=


2015-08-08 13:04:29 by KoppoKoppo

Ok guys because I'm out of money and I'm going to Valleyfair with my youthgroup tomorrow, I will need some money. I'll be taking 3-4 quick bust shot commissions for $10! Dm me if you are interested. C:

When life gives you lemons...

2015-08-06 14:57:26 by KoppoKoppo

You take the lemons and chuck them at your enemies. You know, aim for their face!
I give pro advice... 
Or you could just make lemonade, but that isn't as badass as chucking them at people.
gives everyone a bucket full of lemons
You're welcome, and now go have fun! B^)

Eczema problems

2015-08-05 13:36:20 by KoppoKoppo

Trying to swim in chorinated pools/hot tubs. Eczema will kick your ass for that. 

When the medication that you use starts failing. I have to see a dermatologist now. The Triamenacolone (ayy I spelled it right!) started failing a few weeks ago and my Eczema has been getting worse on my arms.

"What's that?" "Is it contageous??" "AM I GOING TO GET INFECTED?!?!" NO. NO AND NO. People have asked me all of these things and it pisses me off, Every. Single. Time.
I was born with Eczema and I never grew out of it. I might have it for the rest of my life. ughhhh

Cleaning week o-o

2015-08-03 17:24:28 by KoppoKoppo

This whole week for my house is cleaning-mania. Today and tomorrow I have to clean my room, Wednesday I think I have to help out with the basement, and the rest of the week depends on if we finish Wednesday. Also I was up all night making art. I think I did good. I just need to color and shade it and I'll post it. oWo
Also I'm addicted to Nightcore and that's all I have been listening to. o3o

I'm weird

2015-08-01 21:17:30 by KoppoKoppo

I've been playing Rocket League and Goat Simulator this whole weekend.... I still have no life...
Well... Crap.