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Ayyyy! :D

2015-07-31 14:01:29 by KoppoKoppo

My brother came back from the Bahamas last night and he gave me 2 things. A pack of cards that were made in the Bahamas and an anklet (also made in the Bahamas). Now I want to go to the Bahamas. 
Why am I so poor? D:

Winrawr =3=

2015-07-30 13:29:37 by KoppoKoppo

I woke up early this morning and I've been feeling great! :D
How are you guys doing?

10 People?!

2015-07-29 12:19:31 by KoppoKoppo

Ohmigosh, I have 10 fans! Thank you all so much! I know that might not seem a lot for everyone, but to me, this is awesome! o3o
Back to art! :D

I am in a thing :3

2015-07-28 14:27:19 by KoppoKoppo

On youtube, my friend Ry (aka Ryouseiken, The Muffin Man, The Waffin Man, etc...) is doing an XCOM Long War Let's Play and I'm a solider in it.
The videos are kinda long and I'm not in any mission yet, but he is a really cool guy who deserves more recognition. C:

This week is gonna be great!

2015-07-27 11:51:37 by KoppoKoppo

So today I have my sports physical (for sports), tomorrow I have the sports meeting, Wednesday I have Youthgroup and it's a water day, Thursday my brother gets back from the Bahamas and Friday I get to do nothing. :D
That means more art! Yay! :DDD

What the...

2015-07-26 13:37:23 by KoppoKoppo

What is all the buzz about Five Nights at Freddy's 4? Is it that good?
I heard it was shit. Idk man, help me.

I'm a good and bad mess

2015-07-25 22:56:09 by KoppoKoppo

I had a sleepover last night and I did not realize that my friend never asked if she could sleep over. Her parents got so pissed at me and now they don't want my friend around me. My parents were more understanding and shit but oh my god... I feel like a terrible human being.

On a slightly brighter note, I finished season 1 of the new series of Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who. Fantastic! =3=

Pro Tip #1

2015-07-25 15:47:53 by KoppoKoppo

Never, EVER, walk 5 miles to a McDonalds to get breakfast at 3am...
It wasn't a fun trip. 10 miles in total, and I stayed up all night.
I'm going to pass out now...

I am very brilliant

2015-07-23 21:24:37 by KoppoKoppo

Ok not really, but if you ever decide to play soccer, DO NOT BLOCK WITH YOUR STOMACH.
I did that, and it was painful. Never again will I block with my stomach. Horrible idea.
Just a friendly PSA. C:


2015-07-22 23:02:11 by KoppoKoppo

Ok so I was biking back from youthgroup. About halfway to my house my chain locks up and throws me over the handle bars. So I tried fixing it. That worked... for a bit. Then as I'm biking, THE CHAIN FALLS OFF. I just sit on the ground for about 10 minutes trying not to cry. This really sweet old lady pulls over and asks if I'm ok. I told her my father was going to pick me up and she left. So then my dad (who is pissed off now) calls me and asks where am I, and I told him I'm by *blah blah blah* on the *blah blah blah* side of the road. He picks me up, yells at me in the car and now he isn't talking to me.
I'm fighting back anger tears mixed with "I want to die" and "just kill me" emotions.
Oh and I just heard an explosion. Not fireworks, it was a big boom. Like gunshot or grenade explosion. And now I'm terrified and crying. Great night if I say so. ;-;