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Other than feeling like crap

2015-07-22 14:09:52 by KoppoKoppo

Well even though I feel like udder shit, I can't keep my head down. I may be sad but that isn't going to stop me from making art. TO THE ART TABLET!


2015-07-21 21:48:42 by KoppoKoppo

Ok so earlier this week (Friday) my laptop decided to be a piece of shit and not connect to the internet. Then I lost my tablet stylus. BUT TODAY I FOUND MY STYLUS AND I FIXED MY LAPTOP AND IM SO HAPPY BECAUSE I CAN DO ART THINGS NOW YAYAYAYAY!!! :D
If you're wondering how I responded to comments, I was on mobile. I couldnt post any updates on mobile though. oWo


2015-07-20 13:00:19 by KoppoKoppo

I lost my Wacom Stylus and now Im panicing and really upset. I was about to finish this one piece I have been working on for the past week or so and I was almost finished!
Ughhhhh I'm going to watch Doctor Woh now... and cry...

Funny Story...

2015-07-19 21:04:08 by KoppoKoppo

So today was a very interesting day. I went to see the Minions movie (shut up it was pretty good) and then I had to go straight to soccer practice. I was like 30 minutes late and the coach knew so he was fine with it. We were practicing headers (which always suck because it hurts). The last header I hit didn't hit my head, but the bridge of my nose. It hurt like hell. 
After that we did some 3v3 and I made a goal. So that was fun. B^)

I learned a lesson today

2015-07-18 19:21:19 by KoppoKoppo

So earlier today I went to the Mall of America and bought the Bean Boozled challenge. After I got back, my friend and I filmed the challenge video. So after a streak of getting a lot of bad jelly beans, I got the Peach or Barf bean. I got barf and I gagged (but I did not throw up... yet). Then I got the Chocolate Pudding or the Canned Dog Food. I got dog food and my stomach gave me a big "Fuck you" and I threw up. 
I still feel sick now. ;-;


2015-07-17 11:07:19 by KoppoKoppo

I woke up crying because I had a really bad nightmare. I'm still shaking and tearing up over it. I'm going to curl up into a little ball on my bed and try to calm myself down... ;-;

Fun fact about me, I had purple bangs but they faded to a blonde now. My nickname used to be Minx (because, y'know, she had the purple bangs). I also have a purple streak in my hair. Purple Streak is also a nickname I have. Soon I will be getting the ends of my hair dyed a darkish blue. 
I am like the coolest person with my soon-to-be muli-colored hair. B^)
Also, art. I like making and looking at art. I know it looks like crap about 75% of the time, but I like it. That's all that really matters, right? Right?... RIGHT?!

Currently working on art

2015-07-15 16:33:19 by KoppoKoppo

Im making myself a new profile picture. 
Also, no one has emailed me about commissions. ;- ;
This is what I get for being a small artist. Oh whale.
But hey, I got a new chest binder (Im genderfluid, and I feel like a guy most of the time, but I do feel like a girl from time to time) and it fits! Now I'm manly as hell! B^)
Welp, back to making the profile picture! :D


2015-07-11 18:25:04 by KoppoKoppo

COMMISSIONS! Yes! I have opened commissions for you guys! :D YAY!!!

Ok so here is how it will work. You will email me (the one in the contact list, of course!) with the following criteria.
-Your character(s)
-Simple, simple shaded, or complex shaded
-None, simple or detailed background
-Paypal or sending cash (If you are sending cash via Paypal or mail, please send it ASAP so I can start your piece!)

And now for the prices!
1 character- $15 (each additional character- +$5) (max 3)
Simple- $0 (with each additional character- +$0)
Simple shaded- +$10 (with each additional character- $0)
Complex shaded- +$15 (with each additional character- +$5)
No background- $0
Simple background- +$5
Detailed background- +$10

Edit: I will do Buy One, Get One 50-75% off things. And if/when I can send out posters, I will sign them for no extra charge. Which brings up this issue: Where is a place where I can make/print posters? (Cheap because I don't have a part time or a full time job yet) Credit where it's due goes to Marcomatic (thank you for bringing these issues up!) C:

Things I won't do: Furries, NSFW (depends really).

Each piece I work on takes about 24-36 hours, so I feel like these are fair prices. Let me know if they are too low or too high (I would raise it by $5 each or lower it by $2, unless it is at $0, then I won't lower it because negative values are bad).

Once you email me, I will give you my Paypal or address so you can pay me. I'd prefer if you use paypal, but if you have to, mailing me the money would work. The faster I get the payment, the sooner I can start on your piece! :D I will email you through each step (sketch, linework, color, background, and final product) and get your approval on it. I do this because I think it will help you guys see my process! :D

Other than that, if you have any questions, let me know!

Edit- OK SO I CAN'T ADD GMAIL, SO HERE IT IS: wo6koppo@gmail.com

Art Trade Anyone?

2015-07-08 13:41:06 by KoppoKoppo

So as of my last post, I was asking people for a profie pic. But I came up with a solution: Art Trades~!

I know I know, my art may suck, but I give each piece a good 24 hours of work and effort into it. If anyone wants to do an art trade, let me know by either:

A) asking in the comments

or B) P.M'ing me. 

So yay!