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2015-09-05 21:11:05 by KoppoKoppo


Join me while I draw random crap!!! :D

I am broken

2015-09-05 00:17:48 by KoppoKoppo

So soccer has begun and I am in crutches. Bruised a couple bones in my foot... Out of any physical activities for the week... And I was in school for this week. It was interesting. My history teacher makes fun of my screaming and crutches. I HAVE A VALID REASON WHY FOR THE SCREAMING AND THE CRUTCHES. I am in crutches from Thursday (aka yesterday where I live). 
Most classes are pretty bareable. Spanish and Geometry are the ones I can't stand. ;-;
I will post art soon I promise. C:

School tomorrow

2015-08-30 16:25:21 by KoppoKoppo

Though I don't want to start school, it's gotta happen sometime. I won't be as active as I was over the summer. I'll try posting art once in a while. 

Also, at our soccer game on Friday I made a goal so I feel like this is appropriate to do...


Ok I'm good now. C:

Livestreaming again!

2015-08-24 22:25:43 by KoppoKoppo

Back on http://twitch.tv/wo6koppo to doodle the good good! ;D


2015-08-24 15:02:10 by KoppoKoppo

Im live on http://twitch.tv/wo6koppo ! You can join if ya want! oWo

I like to draw Space

2015-08-23 13:57:58 by KoppoKoppo

SPAAACCEE!!!!!1! It's vast, deadly and amazing all at the same time! It's so much fun to draw. I might just post pics of space I drew for a while. =W=

School soon ;n;

2015-08-20 22:04:39 by KoppoKoppo

School for me starts on August 31st, and my aunt and uncle are visiting from Colorado. I will probably not be on as much during school. I play sports. Soccer, basketball and I run track. It's gonna be one hell of a freshman year. Wish me luck. oWo

Soccer practice in the rain

2015-08-18 21:35:46 by KoppoKoppo

I can barely type but yeah it was fun. And cold. Very, very cold...


2015-08-16 17:59:44 by KoppoKoppo

I got my hair cut short today!!! :D
I was able to donate 24 inches to Wigs for Kids, so that's where most of my hair went! I'm so happy right now! Plus, everyone is loving it! >3<

Getting a haircut soon

2015-08-14 17:54:37 by KoppoKoppo

So my parents finally agreed to let me cut my hair really short! Im gonna do a pixie cut but I want to keep my bangs sorta long (so I can cover up my left eye o3o). Yay! I'm getting it done on Sunday. oWo