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2015-10-11 14:20:53 by KoppoKoppo

I need 2 people really quick. If you have a friend or a family member who has passed away, leave a comment of their name, year born-year of passing, and a small message for them. *limit of 4-6 words*

If there are more, I'll add them to the piece I am making. Thanks! =3=

Hi Hey Hello!

2015-10-09 22:26:33 by KoppoKoppo

I'm still active. I have 2 pieces of finished art I have to post. I'm crushing on a guy from school. help. But you know, life has been pretty normal since Tuesday. B^))) Have a great day, morning, evening, afternoon or night!


2015-10-05 21:34:56 by KoppoKoppo

Today marks the day where my heart was shattered to pieces... again. My boyfriend broke up with me. I mean, we're still friends and all, but I feel like my heart just got shattered into a million pieces.
I need some time, I have 2 pieces of art I am working on. One is related to this heartbreak, another one was before this happened. Ill let you know more when they're done.
I need to cry... I've been crying already, but it helps. </3

I caught another cold...

2015-10-02 16:17:44 by KoppoKoppo

New art will be up this weekend. :D
I caught another cold though. Or maybe it's just a stuffy nose...
I dunno I have a soccer game tonight and we don't get back until like 10:30pm tonight. It's in this super official staduim arena thing. Bad thing is: it's gonna be like 40 degrees fereighnhight tonight. Celcius... like 7 or 8 correct me if I am wrong. 
Wish me luck... =3=

UGH. I had an unexpected workout session (hell I got abs and some strength! but that's besides the point) and then an enexpected sleepover which I only got 2 hours of sleep. Now I have my whole soccer team coming to my house and then there's a total lunar eclipse tonight which I am going to be watching. I do have the w.i.p if any of y'all want to see...
I still have a shit ton of homework. Someone should help me or just do it for me... pls?

Ok I need help...

2015-09-25 23:37:21 by KoppoKoppo

Ok so our soccer coach made a rule that we must remind him we won't be at practice if we won't be at practice. My phone died the first time and I couldn't tell him. This time (the 2nd time) I got sent home sick from school with a migraine (I couldn't see anything and I almost was rushed to the E.R and  almost vomited and passed out) and now if I don't tell him if I won't be at practice I'm off the team. I am getting a freaking panic attack because-

1. I couldn't control my migraine, 2. I couldn't see my phone to text my coach, and 3. I am so scared of getting kicked off the team.

I don't know what I should do. I'm crying and I'm panicking... This isn't good...

I told him this and he said I was supposed to tell some family member to call him... I coudln't! I fucking couldn't! I couldn't see shit, my dad yelled at me during the whole fucking carride home and my mom wasn't home!!! WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE?! Intterupt my dad to say "hey btw, can you call coach to tell him I won't be at practice?" NO! I WAS CONCENTRATING ON NOT VOMITING, PASSING OUT AND TRYING TO BREATHE!

Rant over, I'm still panicking... I'm going to bed... fuuuck

School and shit. Won, tied and then lost our conference games. Went to the homecoming dance and was able to slowdance with my date. I loved those moments. Still do. I am making art. Very slowly but I am making art. I need sleep. Too much coffee. sBNlfLFkJznoizkfjzlfs mfdifn LIJFKH nJIFKFjpao;fUAJMPOFf:KLHNFO;kflJGAYPAWjSfkHFnSOIFsnfuiOFKHn- *dies*


1. I got asked out to my school's homecoming dance by my boyfriend. =3= I'm so happy right now omgomgomgomggggg~!!!
2. I got called sir today at Burger King. I GOT CALLED SIR. I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY IT ISNT EVEN FUNNY OMG.
*dies of happiness*

I fucked up

2015-09-12 23:46:26 by KoppoKoppo

Ok so today I had a soccer game (which we cREAMED THE OTHER TEAM 8-1 HELL YEAH!) and apparently during the 2nd half I shoved a teammate over (which, btw: I didn't realize. I thought 1. she was on the other team, and 2. I was playing lights out so I was really focused and yeah loop back to reason 1.) and now like 90% of my team hates me... I am going to apologize to her on Monday, but I feel like absolute shit about what happened... fuuuck...

I think I have haters...

2015-09-07 23:32:30 by KoppoKoppo

I don't know who it is (or who the people are) but they keep rating my art really low... ;-;
I know it's their opinion, but like... it discourages me. Maybe could you leave me a comment and tell me how to improve? I'm not trying to be mean or rude or such but... I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my art. Is it my style? Is it something in the way I draw? Could you please tell me? I want to improve, I just don't know how to... And seeing my art get low ratings makes me want to stop drawing... :c