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Some sad news...

2015-12-14 23:19:05 by KoppoKoppo

So, here's a couple updates...
My best friend attempted suicide and is in the hospital. I found out last night. :(
I have 2 big speeches I have to do tomorrow and I have a math test. I have really bad social anxiety, and I have some speech impediments, plus with the bad news I just heard, I honestly don't know if I can do them...
I'm still single. Well, Im very awkward and no one really likes me, this really isn't news to be honest. lmao
I'm honestly sinking back into depression. All these events and stress too. It's taking its toll on me. Oh boy...

Please, I would like to be happy for once... why me...

Short Update post ayy

2015-12-06 17:30:16 by KoppoKoppo

First things first, I did injure my right wrist and my right knee in sports. I am currently wearing a brace for my wrist, but we have no knee brace for me yet. I do play basketball, which heightens my injury probability. I have a game on Monday and Tuesday this week, so that's the only real time where I could get injured badly. I mean, I could still get injured at practice, but it's highly unilikely.
Next thing, I am a scouted artist. That's pretty cool. (I totally didn't freak out this morning what, pffffft, I-I definately did not...) I feel all official now.
Next, it's almost Christmas, and I asked for a new art tablet since my old one is starting to die on me. Also that means art.
WHICH BRINGS ME TO THIS, yes, I am working on art, I'm just very slow at it. I'm sorry, it's the truth. I work at a very slow pace. I also lent my art tablet to my good friend Lullaby. I should be working on art when I get it back.
School has been okay, but it has been pretty bad lately. I will never, ever, be lady capulet ever again. Let's just say that, Act 1 Scene 1 and my luck don't go together. I got my hair redyed yesterday, now it's a mermaid blue (blueish-green, very pretty). That's about it I believe.
Have a good day, yo. B^)))

I need some advice

2015-12-05 19:39:41 by KoppoKoppo

Ok this is for all you love experts out there.
Basically, I like this guy. I believe he does like me, but I honestly can't tell. I talk to him a lot. I mean, a lot. He knows I like him (let's not get into detail about that). Now, I've liked him since middle of October (that's when my ((at the time)) boyfriend broke up with me) and I still like him. He wants me to stop liking him, but I can't. I've tried, but I can't. Does anyone have any help for this issue? What can I do?
Any help is greatly appreciated. c:

Undertale addiction

2015-11-26 18:25:33 by KoppoKoppo



2015-11-20 22:23:53 by KoppoKoppo

I've been busy with school, but I am making the arts. I need to finish the COTM I am working on this weekend and post it. Basketball has officially started, so practices every day. Yay. Death.

New art should be up soon.
Wish me luck~

Beep boop

2015-11-07 16:18:51 by KoppoKoppo

I am making the arts hello. I am about to upload new art hello. One of our fire alarms have died and is beeping hello.
I have school still. My glasses broke. I think we're fixing them tonight. I need them to see.
What else...
Oh I'm still single but I'm stalking my crush. (he knows I like him already...)
And there's my life. 
Have the bestest day. ;3;

Life updates

2015-11-01 17:49:46 by KoppoKoppo

Ok so now that Halloween is over, it's time for Thanksgiving (America's Thanksgiving) and then Christmas!!! :D

First off, puppy is now potty trained and she is doing very fine.
Second, my school life has been pretty calm. My ex left the school, so you know. That's good. I mean, we made up and we were cool, but he's still my ex.
Third, it's almost been 2 years since my grandma passed away. So during that time, I will not be active (I think I'm gonna visit her grave...) since you know I will kinda be sad. :C
Fourth, I have new art that will be uploaded soon, so keep an eye out for that! :D

Finally, I will be posting a little more often but I do have basketball season starting up on the 16th. So not much activity from me.
Have a great day~!!!

Puppy updates

2015-10-23 22:32:49 by KoppoKoppo

So yesterday we got our puppy Miku. She took an instant liking to me, so I have her kennel in my room. She sleeps in my room. But I am so tired from her; she has an infinite amount of energy and it isn't fair. Can I have some of that energy?! D:

Ok, meanwhile, she's been chewing up my cords (none have broken yet) so I have been afraid to use my art tablet. Maybe very late at night I'll make some art, but for now I'm kinda stuck. I don't want her chewing up my cords. That being said, I may or may not get a new art tablet for Christmas. I am not sure yet, but I will strive to get one.

Wish me luck taking care of Miku... =3=

Hi I'm alive

2015-10-21 22:21:00 by KoppoKoppo

Yeah I have been busy with life, but I am back. I did not get any pictures of MYC but it was pretty fun. B^)))

Tomorrow I am getting a puppy so you know that's always fun. Her name's Miku and she's gonna be 8 weeks old. She's really cute.

And that's all I am doing with my life. Have a great day! B^333

Plans for this Weekend

2015-10-15 12:15:05 by KoppoKoppo

It's MEA Weekend! Today through Saturday, I will be at MYC (Minnesota Youth Convention). During this time, I will not be on any social media (except Snapchat: badluck.kendra and Instagram: wo6koppo). I may or may not have some pictures of MYC, it just depends really. If I do, I'll post them here.. I also gave my friend my art tablet so I can't work on any art. I will be making art starting back up on Monday. 
So have a great week! o3o