I drew many things... That I can't post

2016-02-29 20:41:33 by KoppoKoppo

The reason I can't post them is because the thing I did. It was the "Draw your Squad/Draw your OTP" things and they used bases that weren't mine. I want to make sure I don't take any credit for what I did. I am respecting the people who made the bases by not posting and taking credit for them. Sorry for any inconvenience as of why I haven't been posting art and such. 
On another note, I am making art. And I may be opening commissions soon... Keep an eye out for that. ;)


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2016-02-29 21:40:31

Ah,it's alright of you to feel that way.There's a difference between inspiration and copying.Inspiration is when you look at others' work and think of how you would have done it differently by mixing art styles,you know,like playing around with the original art.In a way,it's like copying but it's more organised as you understand the whole idea and not just simply copying everything.Yeah,so if you tried to make your own version of the original using a different style,I say,it's alright if your art looks somewhat the same as you did try to make it differently but don't forget to include the original creator's name to show where you got the idea/style from.It's really up to you to post it,miss but whatever it is,I wish you all the best!

KoppoKoppo responds:

The thing is with the bases, you're supposed to trace them (that's what I heard at least). I don't want to take any credit for using them for fun, so I won't post them. I might do one in my own style (I'm gonna play around with my style for it) and post it here.
Plus, I may or may not have lost the sources of where I found them... that's another reason why. xD;;


2016-02-29 22:29:41

Oh,I see,I hope to see it then!


2016-03-08 20:51:24

Happy International Women's Day,miss!