I am alive ayyy

2016-02-12 00:04:19 by KoppoKoppo

Uhh so life happened. There was an incident earlier today that basically threw me over the edge (this was at school and long story short: 3 kids were being jerks to me about my art style and making fun of me and I left the room crying. Wasn't fun at all). I've suffered through this art block and stuff but now I am back in full swing (when I can, basketball and now I'm in a play for my school). I should be posting art soon, no promises though.
I actually have plans on Valentine's Day. My boyfriend (Yep, this little potato got a boyfriend) and I will be seeing Deadpool together and such. I'm actually happy in this relationship and not as awkward as before, so that's always a plus.
I injured my left knee and elbow at different times so ayyy I'm injured again.
I have all A's and B's (2 C's somehow, in Math and Spanish but I'm not the greatest at those, so you know, shhhh).
I'm done with this post now, and now back to art. rolls away


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