I'm Learning Portuguese

2016-01-15 13:07:43 by KoppoKoppo

My family is mostly portuguese (either from Portugal or Brazil) and I really don't get the Spanish curriculim at my school. So either this new semester or next school year I will be taking a class on Portuguese. But for now I am learning the very basics from DuoLingo. It's a good site to use. ^^

Also, I am working on art. Yay! :D


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2016-01-15 13:15:10

Espero que aprendas português, porque eu sou português da Ilha da Madeira, e parabéns, espero que passes esses básicos bem agora tenho de fazer coisas. :)

KoppoKoppo responds:

I'm only 17% fluent and I can say "Eu fala ingles". o-o
i can translate like 2 parts of that omg