New Years' Plans

2016-01-01 22:18:50 by KoppoKoppo

Happy 2016!

I plan on making this year a good year, academically, artistically, mental health wise, and physically. Emotionally, I'm basically screwed soooo...
I haven't been doing so well in school, mostly with turning in my homework and actually DOING the homework. Since first semester is almost over, I plan on making the B honor roll this semester, and in second semester I plan on shooting for A honor roll.
I'm not the greatest at art. I've come to terms with this fact, and I have decided I can only improve if I keep practicing on what I'm good at already, and practicing what I'm not so good at. I might do the thing where each month I make a piece and at the end of the year post what I did each month to see my improvement, but I'm the laziest person alive, sooo.... Probably not going to happen.
Thinking positive is something I will do more. That's all I have so far. Yeah, if you know any other way, please tell me. Thanks ahead of time. c:
As you can tell, I'm very athletic. I play soccer, basketball, and I do karate when I can. I really want to work on my strength, since I can barely lift a gallon of milk (shut up, I have issues). I also kind of want abs, but cake, and ice cream, and chocolate.... yeah. I really need to start eating healthy. And I need to gain weight.
I'm ready for 2016. Bring it on!


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2016-01-01 22:48:30

I wish you in all the best then!May this year be a good,no,great one for ya!

KoppoKoppo responds:

Thanks! :D


2016-01-01 23:57:51

Happy (late) new 2016 Year!
Wish you make your strength and weight on normal point!
Wish you draw very well!
Wish you slove your problems!

KoppoKoppo responds:

Thank you, thank you. c:


2016-01-02 21:36:34

Don't worry too much about your flaws,I have worse ones.I once dropped a heart-shaped clock on my toe and shattered the nail.Ironic that the clock didn't like me a lot...